Il Sarto di Milano is your trusted tailor!


We tailor custom-made men’s suits with the highest quality fabrics.
We offer two different types of services:
“Tailor-made clothes through test-garments” and “tailored suits”

Our Main Services

  • Jackets and Coats
    • Shortening Sleeves
    • Shortening Hems
    • Narrowing of Hips
    • Change of Lining
    • Machine and hand-sewn buttonholes
    • Tailored jacket

  • Trousers
    • Hems as original
    • Taking in of Waist
    • Narrowing Legs
    • Change of Lining
    • Customized trousers

  • Suite and Clothes
    • Shortening shoulder pads
    • Shortening Sleeves
    • Narrowing of Hips
    • Tightening Center Backs
    • Change of zips
    • Change of Linings

  • Shirts
    • Shortening Sleeves
    • Shortening Bottoms
    • Change of collars and wrists
    • Tailored shirts

The “sartoriale” is the TOP brand for those who want only the best from custom-tailoring. Measurements are taken directly on the customer and everything is performed with the utmost care.

The tailor-made services are carried out by appointment via phone or e-mail, by filling out the contact on our site; it is also possible to provide a home delivery service within the boundaries of the historical center of Milan.

Tailored shirts

Complete hand-tailored shirts are made with a vast selection of Italian fabrics.
It is possible to customize the entire shirt, we offer various models of collars and cuffs.
It is also possible to carry out embroidery of the initials either by hand or by machine.


Horeca and wellness clothing

We offer workwear from the best Italian producers, varying from domestic workers, to catering and  wellness and it is possible to personalize it with logos and writings related to your business.

Boxer shorts and pyjamas

We offer different models of pyjamas for men, and boxer shorts made with the best cotton available.

Tailoring changes and repairs

Jacket / coats

Shortening / lengthening of sleeves, shortening of sleeves from above, reduction of shoulders, change of shoulder straps, change lining, patches, darning, recuperation of dresses and coats, shortening of hems, specialized in outerwear.


Shortening of trouser bottoms as original, turnups, taking in of waist, narrowing bottoms, patches for jeans, darning, tightening leg, zip change, remaking pockets, taking up of crotch, tailored trousers.


Changing linings, taking in of waist, tailored skirts, tightening/widening waist, tightening/widening hips, shortening/lengthening bottoms, zip change.


Shortening sleeves, recuperation, taking in of hips, shirt bottoms, changing collars and cuffs, tailored shirts.

Men’s Dresses

Shortening/lengthening bottoms, shortening straps, tightening hips, zip change, tightening center of the back, widening with inserts, reducing shoulders, changing linings

Women’s Dresses

Shortening/lengthening bottoms, shortening straps, tightening hips, zip change, tightening center of the back, widening with inserts, reducing shoulders, changing linings

Custom T-shirts

We personalize shot cotton fabric shirts with digital printingmmato con stampa in digitale


We perform repairs and changes on leather garments, we can repair your torn garments


Making darts, patches on sweaters, initials on shirts and house linen, made to measure tablecloths and napkins, cutting and sewing cushions.
Finally, we offer deals for companies and offices according to the number of garments required, with the possibility to embroider company logo onto the clothing items of their employees.
For our most demanding and reserved customers we also provide, by appointment, a home-based service within the boundaries of the center of Milan.

…and much more!


Si avvisano i gentili clienti che le attività rimarranno chiuse fino al giorno 25 marzo 2020 come dettato dal dcpm del 11 marzo 2020. Quindi non è possibile ritirare o consegnare capi fino al giorno 26 marzo.