Who We Are

Insegna Il Sarto di Milano

Milan Tailoring

As consequence of the long-standing experience acquired in our laboratory, we decided to open a shop right in the heart of commercial Milan, in Via Vettabbia 1 (RS Shop), in order to offer the same expertise granted to traders and large supply chains to private customers as well.

Il Sarto Di Milano

Your Trusted Tailor

Our Goal

Il Sarto Di Milano is “Your Trusted Tailor”: for clients seeking a simple fix to a damaged item or a classic trouser turnup, but also for clothing recuperation – even the most complex garments and vintage items made from refined and delicate fabrics and which are difficult to treat: you would only want them handled by expert hands.

Galleria Il Sarto di Milano

Moreover, we also take care of the most demanding clients, for whom it is a must to be well dressed and who expect absolute perfection. To these clients we offer custom-made items, from shirts made with the best nationally-produced fabrics available, such as Canceling and Albini, complete with custom monograms, to perfectly-fitting skirts and trousers which always leave you feeling on top in a world where personal image plays a fundamental role.

Not wishing to leave anything to chance, we also take care of your household linen, by customizing it with elegant monograms.

We offer special deals to businesses and offices on the basis of the required quantity of items, including the possibility of embroidering the company logo on employee garments.

To sum up, we are an Italian tailor’s shop, which believes in and defends the Made in Italy brand, supporting the typically Italian tradition of mutual trust and loyalty among our clients. We guarantee the best results and can always improve on the poor workmanship of less experienced hands.

Don’t hesitate to come and take a look around. Touch with your own hands the quality that words cannot communicate. Satisfaction guaranteed. We’re sure you will be happy to leave your image and clothing with us.