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We produce tailor-made dresses and shirts with top quality range materials from Italy and Great Britain

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Only top quality Materials

Your Style in Our Hands

Il Sarto Di Milano is “Your Trusted Tailor”: for clients seeking a simple fix to a damaged item or a classic trouser turnup, but also for clothing reconditioning – even the most complex garments and Vintage items made from refined and delicate fabrics and which are difficult to treat: you would only want them handled by expert hands.

About Us


via Dell’Orso, 12
Entrance from via Ciovasso
20121 – Milano
Telephone Number: +39 02804061

E-mail us from the Contacts page for further inquiries

+39 02804061


Si avvisano i gentili clienti che le attività rimarranno chiuse fino al giorno 25 marzo 2020 come dettato dal dcpm del 11 marzo 2020. Quindi non è possibile ritirare o consegnare capi fino al giorno 26 marzo.